Saturday, February 21, 2009

not much to say!

hi, I am very exited about being in the band! I do not like to play the base for 2 reasons (in the band)

  1. the strings are to big and hard to strum
  2. and I do not play it much

I like the drums they are fun and I have 2 reasons why I like to play them

  1. they are so ACTIVE

my sister is typeing on my blog too, you know you can check it out.

my parents are in mexico

and I am at my grammas


Melanie D said...

Awesome Dakoda!!!!!!!!
Missing you and Mikayla so much!!!
Love Dad

Melanie D said...

Hi guys. Today was wonderful!!!! We went to see some ruins, climbed the highest pyramid here. Then we ziplined over a lake with alligaters. After that we repeled down into a denote(underground cave filled with rain water. We also took part in an ancient mayan ceremony, and ate food prepared by locals, followed by some kayaking!!!! How are you guys doing? We miss you lots and will call you tomorrow night.

Melanie D said...

Hi guys, how was gymnastics today!! We aren't doing to much today, very tired and sore from yesterday. Tomorrow we are taking the bus into a city called Playa de carmen to do some shopping, then it is swimming with dolphins on Thursday. We miss you guys lots, and will be calling you tonight!!!! Try restarting the computer!! See you in 4 days

jerlyn said...

ok, so I'm a little late. Sorry,
we couldn't get your computer on line and u missed these posts from your Mom and Dad.
I had a wonderful week with you.
It was so cool to see you and yours sister at gym, karate and
I also like you on the drums,I'd
pay to see your band everyday.
Is Mickey your singer?

Zip n Tizzy said...

The Drums Rock!!

Melanie D said...

I love my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie D said...

this is mic up there not Melanie d