Sunday, November 16, 2008

about my music

I like heavy metal. (favorite bands and songs) I like inside the fire by disturbed. and some of the
songs by system of a down like in toxicity the band is great but the singer could use a bit more time now I,am not saying
he is a bad singer but he has a winy voice. (favorite interments to play) I play the drums. the
real ones and the toy ones the toy one is for rock band plus I have rock band #2 and
guitar hero #3 did you hear about guitar hero #4 it came out not to long ago


Melanie D said...

you rock!!!

Captain Dumbass said...

When did you get so cool and hip? My nephew rocks!

Aunty Bern

Captain Dumbass said...

The "whiny voice" bit sounds an awful lot like your mother. I think you're being influenced.

Dakoda D said...

ha ha very funny

jerlyn said...

It was all those years listening
to Dad's Heavy Metal music while
you were little. What about our
song "i'm walkin on sunshinte?"