Friday, December 26, 2008

kitty AND puppy

my kitty is cool my puppy is cool


Captain Dumbass said...

What about your uncle from Vancouver who misses you and your sister?

jerlyn said...

and your Nana and Grandpa G.
We're cool too, a few days ago
we were so cool we were frozen.

Can't wait to see you up here.
Chieka will just love u all.

ps you're pretty cool too!

jerlyn said...

your cool to chad
is dakoda posting on nana's blog

jerlyn said...

Hey, where are u. I look every day
to your blog to see whats happening in your world. Heard you've been skiing. I LOVE skiing,
haven't been since Cpt. Dumbass and
I went while he was in high school.


Melanie D said...

time to do some more blogging boy!

jerlyn said...

Hey guy, where are u?