Tuesday, December 23, 2008


so I like lots of things ,like rock band it is fun to play guitar hero #3 but I have not played #124 yet
because I only have #3 I like to drive boats I have drove in shuswap LAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT WAS SO MUCH FUN !!!!!!!!!!! we went with my dads boss Erik we started eating popcorn
then we started eating chips and... I could go forever so (bit about ME!) I like kitty's and puppy's
and birdie's and ... all the cute animals and I have lots of friends my best friend is josh we played
for 9YEARS



Captain Dumbass said...

You got to drive a boat? I've never driven a boat!

jerlyn said...

You're not only great on the Guitar,
you're terrific on the drums!
You also got to drive a boat on
the N. Thompson River a few years ago.

I'm like you I love all animals,
Chieka will have a ball with you
and Mick when you come out.